The Silva Method

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Here's what you get in the Silva Life System:

  1. Introduction
  2. 4 Steps to the Silva Life System
  3. Mind Body Management (Beginner)
  4. Mind Body Management (Intermediate)
  5. Mind Body Management (Advanced)
  6. Healing & Problem Solving (Beginner)
  7. Healing & Problem Solving (Intermediate)
  8. Healing & Problem Solving (Advanced)
  9. Activating Intuition (Beginner)
  10. Activating Intuition (Intermediate)
  11. Activating Intuition (Advanced)
  12. Manifesting (Intermediate)
  13. Manifesting (Advanced)

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Have you attended workshops, listened to inspirational CDs or read books written by gurus in your attempt to overcome problems in your life? Do you still have health complaints, financial worries or relationship issues? If so, read on, because the Silva Method may just be the answer...

What is the Silva Method?

Comprising various modules, it's a program that can teach you how to use the untapped power of your mind so that you can accomplish whatever you desire. This program can improve your self image, help you think more clearly and overcome bad habits. The Silva Method differs from other self help products because it incorporates techniques that you can use to solve problems every day. By applying the teachings of this program, you can develop clairvoyance, increase your intelligence quotient and use your mind to heal your body. The Silva Method has two basic parts, the Silva Intuition System and the Silva Life System.

History - How and Where it All Began

The Silva Method was previously known as Silva Mind Control. It was developed by Jose Silva in 1914 and was commercially launched in the 1960s. Silva believed that the intellectual, logical and objective left hemisphere of the brain governs ninety percent of our actions. However, when we rely on left brain thinking, we always try to solve problems using logic. For instance, when we find that we do not have enough money, we try to reduce our expenses. This often makes our lives more stressful after feeling that the solution to the problem is external and we cannot control it. Silva found out that using the left and right hemisphere increases our creative and intuitive abilities. When the left and right brain hemispheres work together, you can overcome the conditioned disbelief of the highly creative ideas of the right hemisphere. This can help you solve problems in an effective and holistic way.

How Does The Silva Method Work?

Your mind is very powerful. In the Silva Method, you will learn how to use the power of your mind to create circumstances deliberately, instead of reacting to circumstances unconsciously. The strategy is to create thought images before you take any action. Result? Increased personal power and a significant self esteem boost. You will also be able to solve the problems you are facing.

The fundamental philosophy of the Silva Life System is that after entering a higher level of mental function, which is referred to as the alpha level, you can be in full control the events in your life. Alpha waves (8 to 13 hertz) are the primary indicators that a person is conscious. They are associated with hypnosis and daydreaming. When your mind is in this state, you bypass its objections and use creativity and intuition to solve problems.

The Silva Intuition System incorporates many formula type techniques that you may use to achieve your goals. One of these techniques is the workshop of the mind. When using this technique, you can create a workshop in your imagination, containing all the tools you can imagine. In this workshop, a resident wise counselor of your choice is also present. You can then use the tools and the advice you get from the counselor to achieve your goals.

The other technique that is incorporated in the Silva Method is dream programming. Have you ever noticed that some of your dreams appear to represent some future event? According to the Silva Life System, dreams are a great source of ideas and solutions to various problems. The dream programming technique entails going to your level and providing yourself with a suggestion that you will have a dream, which will give you an idea on how to solve a certain problem.

The other technique is envisioning your goals. Have you ever imagined what your life will be like after achieving a specific goal such as completing college? This is what this technique is all about. As you master these techniques, personal growth will happen organically.

The Benefits of using the Silva Method

You can benefit in the following ways if you use the Silva Method.

  • Enhance creativity – You will be more creative when your mind is functioning at the Alpha level. The Silva Life System will train you how to enter the alpha level whenever you want and use your creative mind to solve a problem or let inspiration flow;
  • Achieve your goals – Do you have a desire to be more positive and assured? The Silva Intuition System can help you learn to set higher goals, think bigger and achieve the things that enhance the lives of others;
  • Learn to control bad habits – Are you struggling with a bad habit such as smoking? If you are, the Silva Intuition System can help you reprogram your mind so that you can break the habit. You will be able to replace the bad habit with a good habit, without trying too hard;
  • Raise your intelligence quotient and grades – If you are a student, you can use the Silva Method to improve memory and raise IQ;
  • Sleep better – Do you have sleep problems? The Silva Method can teach you how to command your mind so that you can fall asleep when you want. It will also train you how to set your internal clock so that you can wake up at any time without having to use an alarm clock. You can be more productive and energetic if you always have a good night’s rest.

Achieving your goals using the Silva Method

We all have desires, but expecting and believing that they will manifest is not that easy. Many reality checks or doubts usually get in the way. Like most people, you may believe that you can only succeed if you work hard, make sacrifices and have some luck. Even though action is a vital component of success, you will sabotage yourself at every opportunity if your emotions, beliefs and goals are not aligned. The Silva Life System will help you develop the belief that things will go well, as opposed to going wrong. By applying the teachings in the Silva Intuition System, you can use your mind to its highest potential and do anything you have dreamed of doing.

If you're interested in taking your personal development to the next level, enrol on a Silva Life System seminar or try the home study course. Either way, you'll begin to reap te benefits in days!


The Silva Life System