The Silva Intuition System

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Why not try the Silva Life System Home Study Program from the comfort of your own home and save £100s compared to the live event?

Here's what you get in the Silva Life System:

  1. Introduction
  2. 4 Steps to the Silva Life System
  3. Mind Body Management (Beginner)
  4. Mind Body Management (Intermediate)
  5. Mind Body Management (Advanced)
  6. Healing & Problem Solving (Beginner)
  7. Healing & Problem Solving (Intermediate)
  8. Healing & Problem Solving (Advanced)
  9. Activating Intuition (Beginner)
  10. Activating Intuition (Intermediate)
  11. Activating Intuition (Advanced)
  12. Manifesting (Intermediate)
  13. Manifesting (Advanced)

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Enter into a higher level of decision making by removing resistance in life. This is known as Silvia Intuition System and believe it or not; it is the secret to your success. Imagine being so intuitive that you would never have to second guess yourself again. Give some thinking to it; you have probably heard that behind every success story there is that amazing coincidence or a hunch. This feeling that you get is actually the guiding force that has the power to lead you through your life without missing out on anything. With intuitive living, one can avoid the pain of worry, indecision and fear. The Silva Intuition System is basically designed to help people understand how to control the brain waves. By controlling the brain waves one would be able to enhance focus and think on a broader perspective by taking into account the important goals of life and the long term vision.

For years many people have enrolled themselves in the program called Silva Intuition System to make attempts for learning more about the brain. Plus, they also want to learn exactly how it can be controlled for the benefit of the individual. Self-awareness is something everyone needs an understanding of and Silva Intuition System shall help people in doing that.

This program is best for those people who like to take decisions on guts. Such decisions are important not only in personal life but also in professional life. These days most of the detectives take cases based on guts, and some huge financial deals are also based on gut. Silva Intuition System should help a person climb the corporate ladder while bringing improvements in one’s personal life. Another benefit of this program is that it dramatically enhances your learning capacity by feeding unlimited information into your mind. You develop the power of gaining accurate and strong guidance which help in making the important decisions in life such as career changes, marriage and investments.

Intuition also has the power to enhance your creativity and even helps you in making breakthroughs in your career. It comes with some prerequisites that are important to take on this program. You should study the Silva Life System Home Study Course before enrolling in this program. An alternative to this home study course is attendance in a live seminar.


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